©Helena Arahuete All Rights Reserved

This stunning 19 acre site has ocean views, vineyards, beautiful rock formations and a colorful sandstone cliff with a 70 foot high waterfall, that forms a backdrop for the house. The Owner wanted the house to feel like it grew organically out of the site and would be built to last 1000 years.

The result is a design where most of the walls are red sandstone boulders and architectural concrete, connected with sections of frameless glass skylights and structural steel roofs.

The multiple sloping roof sections are oriented to capture and frame the best views. The floors of interior hallways are stepping stones with landscape and abstract sculptures in between. The rooms have irregular natural stone floors and frameless glass walls oriented for the views. The master bath was to be carved into an existing massive rock formation.

There is a swimming lake at the bottom of the waterfall with a sand beach on one side and a rocky shore on the opposite.

©Helena Arahuete All Rights Reserved

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