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This house was designed to provide views, light, protection from the sun, privacy and invisibility.

The steep site on the south face of Camelback Mountain offers panoramic views of Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun from one side and the spectacular rocks and cacti of Camelback on the other, It is also extremely visible from the valley floor below.

The roof design optimizes the views with curved arches on the mountain side, letting in the north light. Wide and low horizontal openings wrap around the south side of the structures, opening up to the vistas of the city and desert below, at the same time offering protection from the intense sunlight. .

Visual isolation from nearby downhill neighbors is provided by the frontal placement of the large swimming pool A narrow stream and pond on the site combine with the pool to fulfill the Client’s request for water features.

 The 3 pavilions of the house are designed to blend in with the spectacular rock formations. The house is nearly invisible to the casual observer on the city streets below..

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